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The newsletter 'Eastward' is issued three times a year: April (Easter issue), August (Summer issue) and December (Christmas issue).
Paid-up members receive the newsletters by email (as PDFs) or by post, according to preference. The email version is in colour; the printed version is black and white to save on print costs.

The aim of the newsletter is to help connect members by informing of general association news and information, such as the joining of new members, deceased members, and details of events such as the annual reunion and Remembrance Day Parade at the Cenotaph.

In addition to general matters, the newsletter includes members stories of their time in Malaya, also articles of (historical) interest related to Malaya (Malaysia).

These interesting articles may well also include stories of other places in the Far East and Indian Ocean that might be of interest to members.

Items for possible inclusion in the newletter are always welcomed by the Association's newsletter editor and archivist whose details can be found here.

Back numbers are posted here at least one year in arrears.